About NTPtHA


NTPtHA was resurrected in order to help bridge the gap between entry level horse showing and National/World Show competition by providing a Youth/Novice focused environment to introduce those ready to "take the next step" by offering Open All-Breed competition in a "Breed Show" environment.

The ultimate goal of NTPtHA is promote the Pinto horse as well as All-Breeds of horses through horse shows and other NTPtHA/PtHA sponsored events.  Again, our focus is on Youth/Novices as they are the future of the show industry.  Both NTPtHA and PtHA goals are for promoting the show industry by creating and maintaining a family friendly environment revolving around our mutual love for horses and exhibiting them.

Pinto Clubs as well as many other horse show clubs in Texas have come and gone over years due to a multitude of reasons.  However, NTPtHA's founding members unanimously believe in one Agenda; promoting our Youth and those that are the future of the horse show industry.  

NTPtHA appreciates your support!  We sincerely hope that you come to our shows and also support other "PtHA Zone 4" regional clubs.  i.e. NMPtHA, OPtHA & STPtHA, as well as PtHA's World Championship Show and Color Breed Congress!!!